Settling in

At First Steps your child will explore a new exciting environment, make new friends, have adventures and learn as they go along on their journey through the nursery.

We realise that whether you are coming to the nursery for the first time or transferring from another setting, it is a significant transition for you and your child, and one that needs to be handled with care and sensitivity. This may be your first experience of nursery life and in many cases when your child starts with us, it may be the longest time you have been away from your son or daughter.

For that reason we have put together a considered approach to settling both parents and children into nursery life as well as providing us with opportunities to gather information about you and your child to ensure a successful start.

Young children are very adaptable and quickly begin to enjoy their new surroundings and friends.

Your key person will be responsible for ‘settling in’ your child and will gain knowledge of your child’s care plan. Our settling in procedure is individualised and your key person will be available to discuss this with you. At the settling in session we will go through your child’s care plan with details about your child which tell us about their routine, sleep patterns etc and everything we need to know to ease your child’s transition into nursery life.

Our relationship with our parents is important and that’s why we operate an Open Door Policy.

Key Person
Helping your child feel at home

We will introduce you to your child’s key person and talk through how your child will be cared for during their time at the nursery. We want to learn as much as we can about your child so they get the individual care and attention they deserve.

Your child’s key person will build a relationship with yourself and your child, they will meet your child’s individual needs, respond sensitively to your child’s feelings and acts as a point of contact for you. Your key person will then feedback information to you on your child’s day and progression throughout their time in the nursery.

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